About Homevite

Est. 2017

The Home of the Future

Homevite is a service designed to take the hassle out of setting up your smart home devices. We seek to deliver that magical moment when things just work.

However, the process of installing smart things can take a lot of work itself. When it comes to verifying smart device compatibility, finding the right tools for the installation, and troubleshooting potential hardware and software issues, we've got you covered.

That magical iCracked moment

Fixing what is broken

In 2010, our two founders identified a problem: getting a smartphone fixed was a great pain, and the choices consumers had were slim. About a year later, their solution – iCracked – was founded in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

In the years since that humble dormroom beginning, we've become the world's largest on‑demand repair network for iOS and Android devices. Our network of thousands of certified, expertly-skilled iTechs are standing by to fix your device, whenever and wherever you want.

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